Consumers can expect a spike in lending and greater access to credit in the first half of 2021, TransUnion predicts

Consumers might be able to anticipate having more access to credit cards[1] and personal loans[2] through the first half of 2021 than they did amid the onset of the pandemic, according to TransUnion’s annual consumer credit forecast[3] released today.

The dramatic slowdown of lending that we saw in the second quarter of 2020 is expected to rebound in Q2 2021, the credit bureau[4] found, with credit card and personal loan volumes expected to rise at the greatest rate.

For consumers who may need access to credit in the new year, this means that they can hopefully fund a big-ticket item or get a personal loan at a pretty low interest rate, says Matt Komos, VP of research and consulting at TransUnion.

“It’s a story of not just the rebound we expected of credit card and personal loans, but [the rebound] is going to sustain,” Komos tells CNBC Select[5], indicating that TransUnion expects lending to be at pre-pandemic levels in the first half of 2021.

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